“Greg is responsible for the management of a major trade association that involves many of our customers. One of his responsibilities is to develop and execute their annual association meeting. We participate in this event because of the way it is managed by Greg and his team and because of the opportunity we have to interact with our customers. He runs a first class operation and understands the needs of his membership. Based on my opinion Greg runs a very effective trade association.”

Thomas Joyce, VP, Customer & Industry Affairs, The Hershey Company

“I would like to provide the highest recommendation for Greg Martin. I’ve known Greg for a number of years in his role as the Association Executive for Southern Wholesale Distributors Association. Greg’s obvious care, concern and desire to see his members succeed is quite obvious. He has the unique ability to not only energize individuals and lead them to success but he also makes it enjoyable and fun. Watching Greg at an association meeting is more like watching an orchestra conductor than a solo player. He is very careful to use his skills and expertise to showcase his members and help them be more successful in their own right. His expertise and years of experience provide his members with excellent coaching and training while also ensuring that little things never get in the way of the big things. Whether you are a member, speaker or a hotel staff member, working with Greg is a true pleasure. His attitude, sense of humor, and desire to see other people succeed is critical. He takes the approach of being a servant leader by putting the needs of those he serves first. He sees his job as a true calling. Greg is a true joy to work with and I highly recommend him. Wayne”

Wayne Outlaw, President, Outlaw Group

“It is my privilege to recommend Greg Martin to you as I have worked closely with Greg in his capacity as Executive Director of the SAWD for 12 years.  Greg’s dedication and service to both the Association and the suppliers that support it is unquestionable.  Greg is very proactive in garnering necessary resources for the Association in regards to funding activities, providing continuing education for members, and leading the charge in any legislative initiative that supports the association.  On a personal note, Greg is a pleasure to both work and socialize with.  Greg works with the highest level of enthusiasm and integrity  and his passion and commitment for what he does is evident in the work he produces.  Greg can add immediate value to any organization he chooses to work with.”


“I have known and worked with Greg for years, and rest assured, if you’re in the market for a guy that can sell, manage and bring fresh strategic insight, Greg’s your guy! In this fast paced world we live in, it’s nice to have someone like Greg on your team to keep it all in perspective. He’s a man of integrity, where his word is his bond; and that’s the true character of Greg. A get it done guy, and any organization would benefit from his many talents.”

Stephen Warner, Trade Show Consultant, EZ Backdrops.

“Greg has managed our office condo association for multiple years. I find that he is very professional. Most importantly, I appreciate the reasoning skills he brings to our board meetings. His calm demeanor with a focus on task accomplishment lines up extremely well with our needs. Our association never has to “worry” because Greg has a true passion to do what is best for us.”

Travis Burroughs, President, Burrson Construction Group

“I have worked with Greg Martin and Renaissance Management Services for more than 15 years. Greg provides the highest level of professional services in everything he does. Greg handles the details of meetings and complicated projects in a timely and efficient manner. In addition to providing quality association management services, he exemplifies the best qualities of leadership in his profession.”

Robert SumnerSumner & Associates

“Greg has done an excellent job of leading our lobbying efforts in South Carolina in regards to recent cigarette/tobacco tax legislation. Through his efforts, members of the Southern have been kept well informed on the pending legislation and Greg has helped ensure our success through key contacts and participation in legislative events to ensure our voice was successfully heard.”

Jeff Leischner, President & CEO, Thomas & Howard Company, Inc.

“I have known and worked with Greg for years, and rest assured, if you’re in the market for a guy that can sell, manage and bring fresh strategic insight, Greg’s your guy! In this fast paced world we live in, it’s nice to have someone like Greg on your team to keep it all in perspective. He’s a man of integrity, where his word is his bond; and that’s the true character of Greg. A get it done guy, and any organization would benefit from his many talents.”

Stephen Warner, Trade Show Consultant, EZ Backdrops.

“As Executive Director of the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors, Greg Martin is a proven leader who uses his management skills to develop and implement strategic plans for the organization. Greg has excellent communication skills, a clear understanding of industry issues, and the ability to unite and direct the growth of the association.”

Jebb Maginnis, President, Creative Data Research

“In my years knowing Greg, he has always handled himself in a very professional manner working and fighting hard for the association. In an industry constantly under fire, Greg has done a great job bridging relationships between legislators, manufacturers and member distributors. Under Greg’s leadership, The Southern has continued to thrive while other associations within our industry struggle to maintain the status quo.”

Hugh Raetzsch, President / Owner, LYONS SPECIALTY CO., LLC

“As a former board member of the Southern Association I witnessed firsthand Greg’s ability to effortlessly lead an organization of businesspeople in the wholesale industry. Greg is the consummate pro as an executive director and any organization would benefit from his leadership and people skills.”

Joe Read, VP Sales, Nabisco

“Greg has solid people skills as demonstrated by his ability to work with members and sponsors in our association. He can navigate occassional conflicts and keep people on the same team. He has a salesman’s personality AND an office manager’s mentality. He can focus on task and see it to completion. He also is strategic minded and can plan beyond the immediate. His best asset however, is his integrity.”

Randy Long, President, Long Wholesale Distributors Inc.

“This provides an assessment of Greg Martin’s performance as Executive Director of the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors. Greg has provided outstanding leadership for The Southern. Specifically, while his regular communication with association members is exemplary, he also excels in the many areas that make The Southern a valuable group to its members that is well respected in our industry. These include such duties as acting as an effective lobbyist dealing with legislation important to our industry. He also maintains constant communication with the American Wholesale Marketers Association and other industry groups to coordinate legislative efforts as well as other association and industry business. Also, Greg does an excellent job planning and coordination association meetings and trade shows, and making sure that those events run as smoothly as possible. In performing these and many other duties Greg Martin has proven to be a very effective director for the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors.”

Jimmy Naifeh, President, Standard Distributing

“Greg has one of the most dynamic personalities I have ever encountered. His greatest strength is communication and instant likeability. Greg has the ability to clearly communicate his ideas and securing his objectives while at the same time building an advantageous rapport. I truly consider Greg a person who is a leader and a person who knows what to do to get the job done.”

Craig Leiker, Regional Sales Manager, Lorillard Tobacco Company

“Greg manages the day to day operations of the Southern Association very effectively. From dealing with countless manufacturing partners, our association membership, industry governmental affairs in The Southern States, and our association public relations Greg acting as our Executive Director along with his staff are outstanding.”

Carter Adair, Region Sales Manager, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

“Greg Martin is a professional director with some very unique attributes. He has a wonderful ability to get the job done and have lots of fun in the process. My experience with Greg has been with the Southern Association and the events, the education, the functions have all been thoroughly executed and organized. I appreciate even more Greg’s ability to interact with his piers so that he understands their concerns and needs. Greg is also very good at entertaining and speaking. His humor adds to his southern charm. He is a great person to have on your team.”

Chris Smythers, VP of Operations, Merchants Grocery Company, Inc.

“Greg Martin is one of the most tireless and giving people I have ever had the honor to know. In working with him during several volunteer events, it was “never about Greg.” Although he is a natural leader and people gravitate towards him, his focus was always on the recipient. The world would be a much better place with more Greg Martin’s!”

Glenn Graves, Director, Global Security and Compliance, Georgia-Pacific

“Greg has led several mission teams which have served in markets that were considered unchartered territory! This required a leader who was confident, willing to take calculated risks and had the ability to create unity amongst all team members. Greg excelled in these areas as well as in the ability to take experiences that were unusual and uncommon and turn them into teachable moments that made sense and were accepting to the team.”

Tami McLaughlin, Director of Missions, Sugarloaf United Methodist Church

“Greg is an extremely dynamic person. I know Greg personally and professionally. He is a highly motivated professional who is passionate about his business and helping people. Greg is very responsive and strives for the best value for his clients/tenants. He volunteers his time without question in serving others and motivates others to get involved to help better their own life. He facilitates Bible Studies and Sunday School to a level that inspires others to get the most out of the Bible, fellowship and lifting the church body to higher levels. Greg’s voluneer’s his time both domestically and at less fortunate countries. I would recommend greatly for either business or a gracious volunteer. Rick Gilbert”

Rick Gilbert, Commercial Accounts Manager, Allgood Pest Solutions

“Greg is one of the most passionate people I know. In addition to his strong business mind and relationship building skills, Greg makes it a point to apply his Christian values to each situation. He doesn’t just talk the talk…he walks the walk and because of that Greg has become a respected mentor and colleague in my network of business professionals.”

Kevin Burke, Business Development, Atlanta Falcons

“I have been richly rewarding in performing volunteer work with Greg through multiple organizations.. He is a passionate man of faith that is committed to serving. Greg brings tremendous energy and a positive attitude to everyone around him.”

Don White, Vice President, Lime Energy Asset Development

“No matter what Greg is involved in, his passion and enthusiasm are apparent from his actions and his dedication. Greg is more than a volunteer, he is a leader and strives to make any organization better and the people that are involved as well. He is forthright with his ideas and he is open to what others want to share as well. Greg has a compassionate side that meshes well with his business acuity and any organization is lucky to have his involvement.”

Todd Randolph, President, E3 Benefit Advisors

“Greg is a great leader, organizer, and motivator. His is dedicated in his service and is a person who gets things done.”

Raymond Lee, Database Administrator, Fulton County Schools

“Greg is the consummate sales professional who focuses on solving his client’s issues and developing a true partnership. I have known Greg for many years and worked with him jointly on several projects. Greg is able to quickly gain credibility with clients through his business knowledge, his follow through, and his genuine rapport. He communicates effectively with executives as well as planning resources, and does an excellent job aligning client needs with his service offerings. Greg also adds value to his clients through his expansive network of business partners and other resources that he is able to refer as needed. On a personal level, Greg has been a trusted friend for many years, and conducts himself with the utmost integrity and compassion for others. I give Greg my highest recommendation.”

Denis Weickert, Senior Systems Account Executive (Major Accounts), Deltacom

“Greg is the consummate leader. I have worked with Greg on several different projects, including international mission trips, men’s ministries retreats and as leaders in our local Boy Scout Troop. Greg sees needs and addresses them. He is a man of action, integrity and honesty. Everything Greg does, he does at a very high level, he is committed and passionate. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Greg on many occasions, and can assure you that anyone who works with Greg will be better off because of it.”

John Clough, Volunteer, Multiple Organizations

“Greg works tirelessly to help others find their driving interests and harness the energy provided therein. He really believes in people, and constantly works in many different ways towards improving their lives. Whether you are a best friend from his childhood or someone he has just met, he will stand beside you and help you see the best possible version of who you can become. He is a true example of a servant leader that treats everyone he meets as friend.”

Brad Catron, Web Business Manager, www.rightnowautoparts.com

“Our church, Sugarloaf United Methodist is blessed to have Greg Martin involved in various volunteer roles. Whether he is leading a Sunday School class, heading up a relationship with the Boy Scouts or recruiting fellow church members for mission related trips, Greg brings passion, knowledge and leadership into the process. I highly recommend Greg as a volunteer!”

Bill Manson, PARTNER, First Cousins Realty & Development, LLC