We can assist your association with everything from developing a web site to establishing an e-mail address to implementing electronic funds transfer for members’ dues.

Many associations have realized the tremendous economic value of the World Wide Web as a vehicle to market their products and services and greatly increase their share of non-dues revenue. Should you prefer to ease onto the information superhighway, we can establish an e-mail address for your organization at no additional charge.

We are also equipped for electronic funds transfer for members’ dues. Depending upon the amount of dues, it is often easier for members to pay monthly via an automatic draft from their checking account than it is to pay one larger sum annually. We have the system, software and experience to set up a similar process for your organization. Our experience has also been that the retention rate for members who pay via automatic draft is almost twice that for those who pay annually.


We possess the required skills to plan educational seminars that work. We produce highly successful meetings where members return home with a sense of accomplishment and a renewed feeling of pride in their profession and their association.


We have built trade shows large and small from the ground up. Many associations earn more from exhibitors than they collect in annual dues. With our help, almost any professional group can build a trade show which introduces members to the latest products and services available, strengthens member pride and confidence, and produces a profit.


To build and regularly renew a trade or professional group’s natural sense of unity, we produce periodical magazines and bulletins that provide the latest on happenings within the industry and the association. We keep subscription lists up to date, sell advertising, handle photography, printing and mailing. We produce membership directories, association brochures, design and print logos or letterhead.


We can prepare news releases and conduct news briefings that result in favorable publicity for individual members and for the entire association. When new officers are elected or appointed, we prepare and distribute photos and news releases to gain for them the publicity which they deserve and which will raise the level of public and member esteem for the association and the industry or profession.


We can help steer legislation favoring an industry through the complicated legislative process, and we know how to deal with damaging legislation.

We know how to organize political action committees that comply with all state and federal regulations and that lend support to candidates and legislators who demonstrate common goals and objectives with members of an association we represent.


Everyone in a trade or profession should shoulder a share of the work and the cost of the association. We help associations reach their full potential through a professionally designed member recruiting program. New members mean more strength in the legislature and more service for fewer dollars per member.


Insurance is just one example of many things association members can buy for less through a carefully designed mass purchasing plan. We can develop an insurance program that will result in smaller premiums and better coverage because of combined buying power.
Through mass purchasing of forms, janitorial supplies, office supplies, or whatever a particular trade or profession calls for, we can provide a large cash return on every member’s annual dues investment.


Since the days of the Minutemen, volunteerism has been the very cornerstone of democracy. Many trade and professional groups have been run by volunteer officers for years.

We work well with volunteers providing needed support for their efforts and essential year-to-year continuity.

Many times an association must take a backward step when an important volunteer leader changes jobs or completes his term of office. We help avoid these disruptions and assure that important, expensive to develop programs continue to serve the membership year in and year out.


Renaissance Association Management, LLC is a full-service association management firm. We can do the complete job of managing any size association. We attend board meetings, take and distribute minutes, maintain computerized mailing lists, and collect annual dues.
All cost and spending records are handled via a computerized accounting system coupled with an annual audit by a professional accounting firm. We prepare the association’s annual budget as well as budgets for each activity to make sure destructive fiscal “surprises” are avoided.

We provide bonded assurance that member dollars are handled properly, and we produce monthly income and expense reports and distribute them to officers and board members.


Just as we can handle the entire management job for an association, we can provide an individual program or service. We help groups in need of assistance with a major public relations effort, an annual meeting, a trade show, or a monthly publication. We work well with existing professional staff and we are available for consultation or assistance with any association problem.


A recent financial survey of the American Society of Association Executives shows that more than 60 percent of total budgets of associations surveyed went for salaries and other fixed overhead expenses. In most cases RAM can deliver a larger percentage of budget to productive programming.

Associations managed by RAM pay only for the services they need. They share overhead, including the costs of specialists in government relations, public relations, education and training.

There’s no pressure to keep unnecessary staff members when activity drops. We have the ability to add staff and services quickly when they are needed, and we will tailor staff services to your association’s needs to make small budgets more productive.


For a no cost, no obligation discussion about any association-related problem or challenge, please call us today. Before hiring additional staff or renting more office space, your members deserve an opportunity to consider joining the hundreds of other associations in this country benefiting from the kind of sharing of equipment, facilities and professional services available through a professional management firm.

At Renaissance Association Management we stand ready to help any trade or professional group reach its greatest potential at the lowest possible cost.