Someone once defined a trade association as “a group of competitors held together by their common fears.” This is certainly not true for all trade or professional groups, but all associations are delicate creatures. To grow and prosper they require special handling by trained professionals in everything from legislative work to accounting, and from media relations to menu selection.

The people at Renaissance Association Management (“RAM”) are association management professionals. We know how to make membership lists grow while treating each member as though he or she was the only member. We are lobbyists, media relations specialists, meeting planners.

Our Business Model

What we do as an Association Management Company (AMC) is, at its core, outsource management. We are passionate about providing only the best possible services to our clients. This commitment to excellence drives our business model. We have cultivated a network of outstanding service providers with an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. These professionals are highly accountable, and consistently deliver time, and time again. These loyal, trusted, and proven business relationships, cultivated over more than twenty years, allows Renaissance Association Management to deliver high quality services to our clients for a rate that they simply otherwise would not be able to afford.

A Few Key Members of our Team


greg-martinPresident. Greg Martin, Renaissance Association Management, LLC (RAM) President for more than 15 years, leads a dynamic team of association management specialists. He also serves as one of the firm’s account executives. Prior to founding RAM, Greg served as the assistant chief staff officer in a local association, and for a state association with 8,000 members. In addition, he has served as the chief staff officer for several state associations including one with over 17,000 members. He currently serves as CEO for a regional trade association covering 14 states that includes several Fortune 500 companies. He oversees all operations of the firm, which also provides services to two national associations. A complete resume may be found on his Linked-In Profile.

Greg has designed national award winning professional continuing education programs and publications. He recently initiated the establishment of what has now become a nationwide data warehouse to enable members of a client organization to harness, utilize, and profit from the enormous amount of retail sales data that they generate. He coordinated lobbyists, attorneys, media and industry members to save millions of dollars when a state wanted to retroactively place a tax on free consumer products. Through RAM, Greg contracts with lobbyists in two states and coordinates all member involvement in the legislative and regulatory process, and has defeated or mitigated countless numbers of onerous regulations and laws. He currently serves on a committee of the Federation of Tax Administrators, a national organization comprised of tax department officials from each of the fifty states and has been invited to London to speak to an international forum on tax issues. He oversees his team in the production of national and regional meetings, conferences and tradeshows. Greg is a graduate of LSU and has been known to tell an occasional Cajun story or two.


robert-sumnerLegal Counsel. Our legal advisor, and lead “go to guy” has more than 25 years experience providing legal services and consulting advice to businesses and non-profits. His client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of associations. Robert Sumner has run his own firm for more than 20 years. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Georgia State University College of Law, and received the Certified Association Executive designation from the American Society of Association Executives. He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys, and Meeting Professionals International. His firm specializes in assisting associations with formation, bylaws drafting and review, mergers and consolidations, tax matters, contract drafting and review, hotel and convention center contracts, and sponsorship agreements. He is an expert in the areas of antitrust compliance, internet law and web policies, board governance, mergers, leadership training and consulting. Rob received his undergraduate education at the University of Richmond and the University of Georgia. He is a true Southern gentleman and our resident historian on all things Southern.


walker-mcgrawAccount Executives. One of our account executives has his PhD, has worked in academic, governmental, corporate, and association environments nationally and internationally. Walker McGraw has excellent written and oral presentation skills and has presented before a wide variety of academic, association, and governmental audiences. He is the consummate association management professional…affable yet assertive, and possessed of a natural ability to help the members he serves feel comfortable in their roles as volunteer leaders. Walker’s “due diligence” is tireless. He is a master at technical research, white papers, process and protocol development, and project implementation management. Walker has lived and worked both in the United States and abroad which makes him an invaluable asset to our international meeting team. Walker does it all with the best interest of the members in mind. He earned both his undergraduate degree and his PhD from the University of Georgia. He also mixes a mean Mojito.


karen-stevensMember Services Director. Our Member Services Director has worked exclusively with our firm for over 15 years maintaining a proud tradition of personalized service. Karen Glass has the challenging task of making every member feel special – a key point in retaining and recruiting new membership. She is a master of public relations, by professional training, as well as natural aptitude. She handles all aspects of meeting planning, creation of BEO’s; and care and handling of VIP’s, speakers, and entertainers. She oversees all registration activities for our meetings and trade shows most of which include a host of optional activities which she also plans and oversees including golf outings, optional tours and fishing excursions. She handles hundreds of calls and requests from members weekly, everything from how to exhibit at one of the shows that we manage to what a Board member’s spouse would feel most comfortable wearing to attend the meeting — she juggles it all. She also oversees daily accounting. She loves her job and the hundreds of members she serves. In addition, she’s our number one “go to” person and keeps all of us in-line. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia and a proud member of the Bulldog Nation.


donna-overallGraphic Design. Our graphics designer has worked in the printing and design business since 1968. Donna Overall worked for a commercial printer for 15 years as lead typesetter/designer, spent 3 years as lead designer for one of Atlanta’s top marketing and design firms, and has had her own firm for over 10 years.

Donna now services our firm almost exclusively. Her background in commercial printing enables her to bridge the creative world of design with the confines of production logistics to produce products that are visually stunning and for a cost that remains consistently below market. And, as one of our client’s observed, “She’s fast as greased lightning.”



betsy-rahmDirector of Marketing. Our Director of Marketing brings 20+ years of marketing experience to RAM and manages a variety of sales and marketing activities, and projects for our clients. Betsy Rahm is responsible for creating and managing our clients’ marketing plans which include advertising, direct mail, and email campaigns, in addition to media placement, website maintenance and social media initiatives.  She also coordinates and executes all marketing efforts for our annual client events.  Betsy is passionate about getting results from all of our marketing and uses creativity, discipline and smart planning to make all of our programs successful.


Just a Few of our Many Folks at your Service. While these are some of the key players on our team, we maintain ongoing relationships with many other outstanding producers. In our professional opinion, and we’ve been at this a long time, we have the best printer, the best general services contractor, the best marketing firm, the best lobbyists, the best professional writers, all at your disposal and for a price that you can afford.